Why do our expenses increases with our Income?

 We all grow with time and so do our income. We get increment in our office or we see increase in profits from business. Even though our income increases from many sources, our savings stands at the same level due to increased expenses. I was discussing saving with a friend with whom I started my career. We both looked at our growth in income and it looked decent, but we were sad to realize that our saving level didn't change much. Our increase in income didn't help us to increase our saving mainly because we were spending more than ever before. That was a striking moment for both of us as we both were happy even at our starting level income and thought that we could spend our life on this with just minimum growth (I know it is funny). But, the reality was different. We got growth more than we thought and in ideal scenario we should have saved more as we were happy spending less. I am sure most of you will be able to relate with this as we don't understand where does our income disappear by the first week of every month.

Now there is another argument stating that there is nothing like spending more. My another dear friend told me that spending gives him pleasure which he defines as happiness. May be he is right. If not happiness at least spending gives pleasure. Then, why should we worry about increase in the expenses. We should live the life as it comes and spend wherever we can. For me, the question arise is how many hours I am spending on work to earn the income to pay any expenses. How many hours I am staying away from my wife and my daughter to earn that money? For how many hours I am not able to do things I like to do to make enough to spend? For me it is always a question of how much value any expense is creating in exchange of giving up the life I want to live.

4 ways to include fitness in your daily life

We can enjoy life in many ways. We go for vacation, we go for movies and malls, we play or just enjoy at home or at resort and read a nice book. We celebrate many festivals and meet many people. We get engaged in many activities and fulfil our creative side. We can enjoy so many things only if we are healthy. Can we enjoy any of the above if our health is deteriorating? I don't think so. Even if we are in the most beautiful place on earth, our focus would be on the pain and not on the beauty surrounding us. 

Scientists and doctors have invented medicines for almost every disease. However, advancement in medicine field has gone against the human kind. We are so dependent on medicines now that we don't take precaution to take care of our health. Instead of practicing relaxation every day we prefer to take medicines for blood pressure. Instead of doing exercises or yoga we prefer to take insulin injections. Instead of adopting a healthy lifestyle we prefer to live with a box of colourful medicines. The reason for preferring medicine over healthy lifestyle in not lack of time, it is lack of priority. The day we decide to keep our health on top priorities we will start living a healthy lifestyle. 

For all those busy people who cannot do exercise, there is still a hope. If we cannot go to gym, then we can bring the gym into our daily life. We can bring the fitness into our daily activities. There are many benefit to it such as you don’t have to spend extra time for exercises and it will be fun.

Where do you live? In Past or In Present?

Our mind is a wandering creature. It does not like to be still and it needs something to think on continuously. Sometimes mind thinks about future plans, but most of the time it tries to correct our past. If you would have observed your thoughts, then you would have realize that we spend lots of time in the memories of our past life. We also think how we could have avoided the mistakes we committed. Isn't it funny that in spite of knowing that we cannot do much, we still try to rectify our past. I call it one of the traps of mind.

When we cling to our past we cannot focus on our present. We all have hurtful memories which makes us sad. Memories of losing someone, memories of someone hurting us, memories of wrong choices and many more such memories which make us feel low. Even when we are spending good quality time with family our mind start wandering on the streets of past where something had gone wrong. Suddenly from the feeling of joy we have this feeling of sadness and our family members start noticing our absence. We lose many such precious moments just because we hold on to our past very tightly. We just need to let it go. Bygone is bygone. 

5 reasons to feel grateful that you never thought

Life is abundant and we have many gifts from God. We are very lucky to have born on this earth as a human being. Most of us have got what is needed to live a good life, yet we ignore all of it and feel sad. Sometimes in life we need to see from other person's eyes to appreciate what we have. Most of the time we value what we have after it is already gone. So instead of valuing after losing it, let's try to look at them from the person who does not have it. Then we might be able to feel grateful about those gifts.

1) Eyesight - Try to feel the pain of a blind person who cannot see the beautiful nature and has to be dependent on other people or a cane to even walk on the street. A blind person cannot see the expressions of his closed ones. He has to make out only from the voice whether they are laughing or crying. He cannot decide whether to buy red shirt or green shirt as they both are the same for him, black. We should be grateful for having eyesight to see this world, to enjoy this world.

What if you do not have to work for money?

Recently I had privilege to visit an organic farm where few volunteers were spending their time in growing organic food for kids suffering from cancer. They normally allow group of people to do planting, cobbling, collecting the mulch and many more activities relating to farming. We just have to pay nominal amount for the material. I was amazed to see how these volunteers were maintaining the farm and kind of food they were growing for kids. I got food for my brain when I asked a question to one of the volunteers.

We were collecting the mulch along with one of the volunteers and just in a casual way I asked her "what she does otherwise?" and very innocently, but with feeling of satisfaction, she told me that "I do only this otherwise". I could see a smile on her face which reflected a sense of achievement. Perhaps I was expecting that she goes to job everyday and spend her spare time on the weekend in organic farm, but I was wrong. For one moment I felt that they are doing great job by keeping those suffering soul before their career. They were not able to treat those kids like doctors, but they were doing their own part by giving them chemical and processed free food.