Finding your enough

"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." Lao Tzu
To become financially independent, one of the biggest thing to do is to find out your enough. I think that is the hardest part too. Our mind's potential is unlimited and so is its desires. We never get satisfied with all the material things we have and we keep on desire for more. If we have 2 bhk house, then we will desire 3 bhk. If we have a small car, then we will desire for bigger car. There is no end to our desire and while we are busy wanting for more we don't appreciate what we have.

Finding your enough is about deciding how many material possessions you want and how much money is enough for you to live a comfortable and meaningful life. We need to take a step back and find out what all we have and how much more we want after which we can slow down. The major benefit you get is that once you have your enough, you can focus on other areas of your life such as family life, personal growth and spiritual growth. I think you all will agree that we are on this earth to grow in all areas of life and not just the material world.

Simple ways to Unwind yourself

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”  Jim Goodwin

I just came from a very nice vacation from Rajasthan. It is a very beautiful part of India. People across the world come to visit it. For me it was more of a family trip and we had a great time. I was away from my routine and was very relaxed. My wife and I both like to travel and we make efforts to go out and see new places. While on the trip I started thinking that do we really need to go out to unwind yourself or we can do the same in our daily life. Traveling new places is great thing to do, but waiting to get relaxed only in vacation is not a good idea. 

We all need breaks from our routine life. We all feel that we deserve a nice vacation after struggling in day to day job. Some gets this feeling once in a year, some in quarter, some in every month and some gets this every day. So why do we get such feelings? I have no idea, but i think it is because we are very busy and we don't take out time to relax. You might argue that you sleep 7 to 8 hours every day to relax. Please keep in mind that sleeping is not always relaxing specially when you have habits of spending time on gadgets till your eyes are closed. We need separate routine and habits to relax.

How to stay focused with the help of goals

Goal setting has played major role in my life. I can say that I made some significant changes because I was able to stay focused and that became possible because I had my goals. Goals act as a friend who shows you path when you are lost. In the chaos of daily life, goals remind you what is important. We all know that we are very good at making resolutions and setting goals. The problem comes when we get busy with our day to day life and what we want from life disappear in the background.

I have already written a detailed article on goal setting which you can find here. We live in the auto pilot mode and continue with the same habits and activities until consciousness hits us. This is possible with below steps which has helped me. Not all the steps will be helpful to everyone, but I am sure that at least one of below will help you to stay focused. 

3 principles and 2 rules for Fitness

In this New Year many of us has made resolutions for better health. I can see that many people are getting conscious about their health and that is a very good sign. Many of you have subscribed for gym and many of you are following different kinds of diet. Many have started running and many have joined the yoga classes. As we all have kept the health in our priority list, let us find the simple ways to be fit and how to be consistent in the same.
I believe that there are only three basic principles to perfect health.

(1) Well nutritional diet - Including lots of veggies and fruits can give us enough nutritions we need to carry our day to day work. If you want to build muscles, then your diet would be different. It is also important that we focus on how we eat along with what we eat and many of us make that mistakes. Ideally we should have two big meals as breakfast and lunch. Our dinner should be very light as we sleep within couple of hours post dinner. Due to which our body does not get time to digest properly and hence many of the disease takes place in our body. Stay away from fried food as much as possible. There are always exceptions to the above, but on a regular basis we should follow diet with veggies and fruits and light dinner. 

Facing the failures

Failing at stuff we try makes us human. We all fail in different areas and that is completely fine. You might want to start exercising every day but you end up being potato couch or you might want to become a minimalist and you are back home with many shopping bags. This is completely normal and OK as far as you are committed to your goals.

Missing one day does not make you a complete failure though it may lead to end of journey, but you have the control in your hand. Keep one thing in mind that you might find obstacles in your journey, but you should keep your focus on destination. Changing habits does not happen overnight. You learned the way you are living now over a period of time and it will take some time to make changes.