5 reasons to feel grateful that you never thought

Life is abundant and we have many gifts from God. We are very lucky to have born on this earth as a human being. Most of us have got what is needed to live a good life, yet we ignore all of it and feel sad. Sometimes in life we need to see from other person's eyes to appreciate what we have. Most of the time we value what we have after it is already gone. So instead of valuing after losing it, let's try to look at them from the person who does not have it. Then we might be able to feel grateful about those gifts.

1) Eyesight - Try to feel the pain of a blind person who cannot see the beautiful nature and has to be dependent on other people or a cane to even walk on the street. A blind person cannot see the expressions of his closed ones. He has to make out only from the voice whether they are laughing or crying. He cannot decide whether to buy red shirt or green shirt as they both are the same for him, black. We should be grateful for having eyesight to see this world, to enjoy this world.

What if you do not have to work for money?

Recently I had privilege to visit an organic farm where few volunteers were spending their time in growing organic food for kids suffering from cancer. They normally allow group of people to do planting, cobbling, collecting the mulch and many more activities relating to farming. We just have to pay nominal amount for the material. I was amazed to see how these volunteers were maintaining the farm and kind of food they were growing for kids. I got food for my brain when I asked a question to one of the volunteers.

We were collecting the mulch along with one of the volunteers and just in a casual way I asked her "what she does otherwise?" and very innocently, but with feeling of satisfaction, she told me that "I do only this otherwise". I could see a smile on her face which reflected a sense of achievement. Perhaps I was expecting that she goes to job everyday and spend her spare time on the weekend in organic farm, but I was wrong. For one moment I felt that they are doing great job by keeping those suffering soul before their career. They were not able to treat those kids like doctors, but they were doing their own part by giving them chemical and processed free food.

Single tasking vs Multitasking

John - You know David, you should start doing multitasking. It is very productive.

David - is it? Can you please explain me how?

John - Sure, why not. For, e.g., I can eat food and drink water at the same time which saves my time.

David - So, you can eat your food and take a sip of water at the same second

John - hmm no actually. I take one bite of food and then one sip of water.

David - Then how on earth you did multitasking? You are doing one thing at a time, but with divided focus.

Finding your enough

"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." Lao Tzu
To become financially independent, one of the biggest thing to do is to find out your enough. I think that is the hardest part too. Our mind's potential is unlimited and so is its desires. We never get satisfied with all the material things we have and we keep on desire for more. If we have 2 bhk house, then we will desire 3 bhk. If we have a small car, then we will desire for bigger car. There is no end to our desire and while we are busy wanting for more we don't appreciate what we have.

Finding your enough is about deciding how many material possessions you want and how much money is enough for you to live a comfortable and meaningful life. We need to take a step back and find out what all we have and how much more we want after which we can slow down. The major benefit you get is that once you have your enough, you can focus on other areas of your life such as family life, personal growth and spiritual growth. I think you all will agree that we are on this earth to grow in all areas of life and not just the material world.

Simple ways to Unwind yourself

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”  Jim Goodwin

I just came from a very nice vacation from Rajasthan. It is a very beautiful part of India. People across the world come to visit it. For me it was more of a family trip and we had a great time. I was away from my routine and was very relaxed. My wife and I both like to travel and we make efforts to go out and see new places. While on the trip I started thinking that do we really need to go out to unwind yourself or we can do the same in our daily life. Traveling new places is great thing to do, but waiting to get relaxed only in vacation is not a good idea. 

We all need breaks from our routine life. We all feel that we deserve a nice vacation after struggling in day to day job. Some gets this feeling once in a year, some in quarter, some in every month and some gets this every day. So why do we get such feelings? I have no idea, but i think it is because we are very busy and we don't take out time to relax. You might argue that you sleep 7 to 8 hours every day to relax. Please keep in mind that sleeping is not always relaxing specially when you have habits of spending time on gadgets till your eyes are closed. We need separate routine and habits to relax.